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Advertisers are paying now to the end-users to see the ads of their products and services!!
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hot Babe Fucking Harder

My name is Pinay. I am 32 and employed in a bank. I am married to Naila, my gorgeous and sexy wife for the

last five plus years. We are settled in Hydearbad, where my bank has posted me. Naila's family hails from

Pune. Her parents expired in a road accident and Naila and her brother were both raised by their divorced childless elder sister, Shumaila, who is a teacher a the central school. Naila and I visit Shumaila in Pune after every six months or so and over the five years of relationship my relationship with Shumaila have been very easy going and cordial bsed on mutual respect and affection. The fact she was only three years my senior has further enhanced our rapport. It so happened that on a business trip I had to go alone to Pune. Naila was unable to accompany me butstill advised me to stay at Shumaila's place nevertheless. My flight through Bombay was a bit delayed due to foggy weather and I reached my in-laws place around ten in the evening. Shumaila welcomed me with a big smile and gave me a big peck on my cheek. I asked him about , Naila's younger brother and she told me that he is away for a week and that she was really looking forward to my visit as she was getting extremely bored by her own company. We had a nice dinner of fried chops and spaghetti, sat in the living room and kept talking nineteen to dozen for about an hour. Shumaila was a competent conversationalist with a manly general knowledge. Always a pleasure to argue with. However being tired and as it was after eleven thirty, I excused her and she showed me into the room of Amjad. I changed into pyjamas and fell on the bed. Unable to sleep immediately, I switched on the cable TV. At one of the channels an x rated movie was on. I started watching that movie which was real hard core stuff. My penis awoke from its deep slumber and quickly attained its seven inches might. In the movie two Latino girls with enormous tits were sucking each other's pussies.  The lesbian scenes always caught my imagination. Aroused as I was I removed my pyjama bottoms, holding my penis in my right hand and started playing with it. The heat of the scene forced me to increase the pace of piston like movement of my hand over my cock. Just at that moment the door opened and Shumaila walked into the room with a glass of milk in her hand. I was stunned to say the least. We looked at each other's

face, me lying naked on a bed with my cock in my hand and masturbating, and she, my sister in law watching her brother in law in an awkward position. I felt like a fool and I also saw a hint of amusement on Shumaila's face. A smile broke at first and then both of started laughing. "You are a very naughty boy, watching such dirty movies and masturbating on top of that " she said. " You are even more naughty watching your brother in law in such a desperate condition" I replied. " I must say Naila is very lucky, you are quite well hung. Let me check how hard it really is

.." and after saying this she grabbed my cock in her hand and exclaimed "Oooh, it is gooooood ! I must say

that Naila is very lucky. Its been eight years since I had a feel of anything similar.". I kept quite, wondering where this kind of conversation was leading to.

Shumaila, even at the age of 35, was quite chick , having a nice full body. She was 5 feet six , had

sultry complexion and had a very heavy tits and ass combination. Her best feature was her deep brown eyes and a voluptuous pout. Thinking about her as a woman immediately made my cock stand up and cry for his

need. Shumaila noticed it at once and was clever enough to decipher the reason for the rise of the phoenix. "If what I am thinking is right, you are being a very very bad boy, lusting after your own wife's sister and you should be punished severely for it", Shumaila announced. " I plead guilty your highness and would love to be punished by you" I

replied fully enveloped in lust and fell down on my knees. In a husky tone she ordered me to remove my

remaining clothes, which I did in a flash. She was unable to take her eyes off from my manhood. Her next

command was that if I want her to remove her shirt, I would have to lick her feet like a doggy. Blinded by

lust I immediately fell on all four and started licking her pretty feet and sucking her beautifully

painted toes. Off went her shirt and my mind was blown. Shumaila had a creamy body complexion' and her

gigantic breasts were threatening to jump out of the tight prison of black satin bra, which appeared to be

one size too short.

The next step was of course removal of her shalwar, for which I was forced to adopt a prostrating posture

on the bed keeping my buttocks high. My asshole was totally exposed and at her mercy. Once again calling

me a bad boy, Shumaila inserted her middle finger right up my ass hole. With her other hand she started

toying with my cock. After few thrusts with her finger she withdrew and to my utter horror struck my bottoms

with all her force. "Beg for a peek of my cunt you bastard", she said in a totally charged tone. I

started begging like a road side begger " Begum Saab apni choot dikha do ... ek bar dikha do... phir chahey

meri gaand par laat maar do..." She gave a last quick squeeze to my cock and started opening her azar band.

I turned around and had a look at Shumaila. She was standing now only clad in a black bra and matching

panty. "You are a copy of Naila" I exclaimed. " NO , you are wrong, Naila is a copy, I am the original".

Unable to fight my desire any more I leapt on her and tore off her bra. Her big, ripe, milky, water melon

like breasts jumped out of 38C bra. She had large pinkish-brown nipples. As I started sucking her boobs

like a maniac, Shumaila heaved a sigh of relief. "Oh Rehan, its been so long since my boobs were pumped and

sucked" I kept interchanging my attention between her two breasts, kissing, sucking licking and chewing

them. She moaned with delight, grabbed my hair and pulled down my head in the direction of her pussy,

which was by now hot like a fireball out of hell. "Jaan-e-man, meri choot ko chato !" was her next

order. Her moist panty soon disappeared from the scene exposing her throbbing cunt. This was my first look at

her hole, which had been wet and available for all these years waiting for me to explore.

Her golden-black pubic bush was dense and love juices were already dripping. Opening of her cunt was hidden

behind the thick jungle of hair. I pushed my tongue through the pubic fields. The first touch of my tongue with the outer lips of her cunt sent an electrical shock through both our bodies. The saltish taste ofher love juices was loveable. I started licking her creamy vaginal lips forcing my tongue on to her inner flesh. She was becoming wetter by the minute, flooding my mouth. Shumaila's moaning and sighing moved onto a higher pitch. I told her to turn around and suck my cock in a 69 position. Shumaila agreed readily and swallowed the whole length of my pulsating cock in her warm and wet mouth. It was sensational. I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. I started lapping her pussy

with greater fervour and she in turn started giving me the blow-job of my life. Both of us were panting like

animals. Chewing her dark pinkish pussy was a great turn-on and with a great shudder I released my hot load on her pretty face. She also came at that very moment. My cum was splattered all over Shumaila's face

and she swallowed the whole lot and and also licked my cock clean. Relieved for the time being at least, I

pulled Shumaila's beautiful naked body towards me and buried my head between her magnificent boobs. She

whispered in my ear, "Rehan jaani, I am not through as yet. It is just the beginning. I want you to fuck me

the whole night long. Mein tumhe itni jaldi nahin choroongi, nichor kay rakh doongi. Tum nay aatish

fishan ko jagaya hai. Aao ab meri choot mein apna lund dalo !" On hearing this invitation, my cock once again

started to gain momentum.

This time around sex was more slow and patient. I started with gentle kisses on her voluptuous lips. Her

hands were sliding all over my body and she started scratching my back with her long nails. Her erect

nipples were thrust into my chest. I took her tonguein my mouth and started sucking it. She returned the

gesture. Slowly my hands moved down as well and I parted her soft but handful buttocks and felt for her

ass-hole. It was shut tight but my finger managed to enter the hot spot. It needed some lubrication. "Do

you have some honey or butter darling ?" I asked. "Ya sure", Shumaila replied and took off towards the

refrigerator. When she returned Shumaila had a bar of Blue Band Margarine in one hand and Langanese honey in

the other. "What do you wish to do with these?" she inquired. "Just wait and see...". I turned her around,

spread her buttocks, exposing her ass hole and dropped a little margarine on it. Then I started spreading it

in the area surrounding her asshole. Putting a little more margarine around my finger, I inserted it in her

virgin (?) ass hole. Proper lubrication ensured smooth entry and I splashed some margarine on the inner walls

of her ass as well. All through this activity, Shumaila was moaning with pleasure. When one finger

started to move easily, I lubricated another one and made it two at one go. A little sigh from Shumaila was

the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my dual-finger tool. Now the moment of truth arrived.

My bulging cock was raring to have a go at Shumaila's buttered ass. I rubbed a lot of margarine all around

it and placed it on the tip of her ass hole. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it in.

A huge cry came out from Shumaila's pretty throat, " Dallay ! Bharway! Meri gaand phat gai hai. Nikalo apna

manhoos land !" Without bothering for her protest I continued my piston like motion and soon our

pre-lubricated tools were devoid of any friction and started functioning smoothly. But now Shumaila was

really turned on and unleashed a volley of abuses at me, " Kanjar, ja kar Naila ki gaand marna. Bhosri Kay

meri gaand ka soorakh bohat chota hey, isko ahistan chodo Gandoo...and so on. Her screaming abuses made me

quicken my pace. There was tremendous heat in her rear hole and the inner walls crushing against my cock made

me come again. I pulled out my cock at the last moment and this time splashed my hot love juice all over her

soft buttocks. Shumaila's body was still rocking from the force of my thrusts and after getting discharged I

fell on top of her. Bathed in a mixture of sweat + margarine and cum, we found comfort in each other's

arms. Holding Shumaila's nude body close to mine was a great tonic. We lay there for a while before Shumaila

whispered, "Darling, my pussy is still hungry and waiting for your dick to fuck her" I said," So far I

have been making all the hectic activity, now it is your turn to return some favours". She smiled, opened

the bottle of honey and dipped my semi interested dick in it. Then she took the sweetened cock in her cozy

little mouth. A couple of hearty sucks by her were all my cock needed to bring it back to life. It soon

started exploring depths of her throat. She dipped it once again in honey and told me to lie down on my

back. I did so. The only vertical thing was my honeyedcock.

Shumaila moved on top of me and slid the eager tool in her thirsty vagina. As soon as the entire length of

my cock disappeared in her pussy, Shumaila closed her eyes with pleasure."Ooooh! it is so gooood darling"

she said. Her up and down movement continued for a while before we changed the posture. Now it was the

more regulation style with me on top of her. Speed was the name of the game as I banged my cock time and

again against her pussy. Shumaila was enjoying it like anything. I bit one of her nipples and she withered

with pain but didn't say anything as the pleasure of getting a grand pussy fuck after so many years was too

much and she was eager to savor every moment of it.


Then both of us stood up and I forced her to take my cock in a standing posture. She was so wet that my tool slid inside her hot cunt in a jiffy. I rammed her till she came like a fucking whore all around my penis. It was too much for me as well. I pulled out my cock, pushed Shumaila against floor and came all over her boobs. It concluded our session for that night but as Shumaila has said it was just the beginning of a

beautiful, sexy relationship which continues till today. My visits to Pune are more regular and I always

make it a point to go alone

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fucking with a Style

I was watching this boy from a long time. He is Ramesh and he studies in college. He is tall, aged 19, 5' 9", slim and handsome. His college was in the morning and he used to return from the college by 1 in the afternoon. I was curious about this boy because he was always watching me when ever I go to the balcony or is in my room.

His flat is exactly opposite to ours and my bedroom window is on the side of his flat. His window is exactly opposite mine and you can look into one another's window without any difficulty. And our balconies are also opposite to one another. Having said this let me go ahead and tell you the real thing.

One day I woke up in the morning and lazily walked in to my balcony. I was shedding my laziness by stretching my arms and moving my body. I was wearing a loose shirt and shorts and I do not know how many buttons on the shirt were open! I was not wearing anything inside. I saw this boy, Ramesh come into balcony and start some workout. He was in his t-shirt and shorts and was working out with the Bullworker. While doing the exercises he was looking in my direction and when I minutely watched him I found that he was looking at my breasts. I became conscious and looked down to see if my breasts were spilling out. They were! I had not buttoned two top buttons of the shirt and so the cleavage of my breasts was seen.

Goose pimples were all over my body. I felt excited with this boy looking at my breasts. I looked at him and he looked away, may be afraid of me. I rested my hands on the balcony railing and bent down pretending to look down. Now I knew that more than half of my breasts were visible to Ramesh and I also knew that he was looking at them. I raised my eyes and looked towards him. Oh god! He was openly staring at my breasts and looking deep into them. My heart started to beat faster and I straightened up and looked in his direction. He moved his eyes from my breasts and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and decided it was enough! I went in my room to change.

It was morning and my husband was getting up. I hugged him and kissed him good morning. He was surprised! He did not understand this. But how could I explain him? I went into the bathroom and completed my morning chores. Later in the afternoon I thought of this incidence and felt some itch down below, in my choot (Pussy). As I thought more about this my choot (pussy) became wet and I had to rub it to cool it off.

I looked into Ramesh's window and found he was sitting on a computer. The monitor was clearly visible in the day light and I wondered what he was doing. I looked again and found that he was watching some movie. I could not clearly see it but knew something was HOT! When I observed minutely, I could see fast movement of his hand. What was he doing? Was he masturbating looking at the movie? Was he watching PRON movie? Ohhhhhh he must be!

Then I saw his hands stop moving and his body stiffening. He was cumming! After few minutes he got up and went inside. May be to wash his hands off the cum? All this made me hot and I started to stroke my choot (pussy) with lust. I was still looking at his window and wanted him to peek on me while I was rubbing my choot (pussy). My hands moved slowly and tenderly searching for the nerves that send the pleasure everywhere. I then unbuttoned my blouse and took out my breasts that needed attention too. As I was massaging my fleshy orbs, I saw him enter the room and come to the window. I wanted him to peek and I had the light on for this very purpose. At least he can watch the movements inside.

Then I was shocked! I saw him bring binoculars and look through them at my window. Should I allow him to watch OR should I stop and put off the light? I was in two minds but the lust took over and won the battle. I lay carelessly on the bed rubbing my breasts and choot (pussy). I had to buy Telescope I thought. That will make things better for both of us. But that would be later. At present I was content to let him watch me. I looked at his window and saw him looking into my bedroom through the binoculars. I pretended that I did not know he was watching me and proceeded to continue my show.

I put my hand inside the blouse I was wearing and started to feel my breasts slowly. I was sitting on the bed and the vision was clear to him. I then unbuttoned my blouse and freed my breasts. They had swelled with anticipation and I traced my nipples and ran my fingers around my aureoles. It felt so perverted! But I did not care as long as I was not discovered. I looked at his window and found him rubbing down below, may be his hardening lund (cock). I did not know how close he could see me but just the thought that he was watching me made me wet. I did not want him to look at my choot (pussy) yet but still I could not help pushing my hand into my petticoat to caress my choot (pussy). he must be just watching my movements as I caressed my choot (pussy) but could not see it clearly. Ramesh was too engrossed in watching and rubbing his hardening meat. I turned around as if to hide my breasts from his view and showed him my solid ass instead. I moved my ass from side to side and swayed it seductively. This I did for quite some time and then turned around.

What I saw made me cum! Ramesh had his lund (cock) out and was openly jacking off looking in my direction. I buttoned up my blouse and walked into the other room. I did not want him to know that I enjoyed all this. I was really excited and afraid at the same time. What if he finds out that I enjoyed? I was afraid.

That night I had violent sex with Raja and I came many times imagining the boy fucking me. Next day I told everything to my Brother in law(BIL). He looked surprised at my daring but told me its OK and he would help me achieve my goal, fucking with the boy. The same day my BIL went to Ramesh and talked to him. he said that Ramesh was very upset when he talked to him but later on he knew that BIL was not knowing anything and calmed down. BIL gave me a hint that Ramesh goes to jogging early in the morning around 5.30 AM. He suggested that I should also go for a walk early in the morning to the open ground we had nearby. Good Idea I thought! May be this will help me get introduced to Ramesh and things will move fast. I took my BIL's advice and prepared to go for jogging from the very next day. In the night I glanced many a times to his window to catch glimpses of him. I think I was getting addicted to this!

After we retired to our bedroom I again glanced at his window and found him sitting at the computer doing something. Occasionally he used to look at our bedroom window but sice my hubby was also there he looked back. My husband never knew I was glancing at the opposite window. It was our practice that during our lovemaking I used to draw the curtains and put a dim light on. BUT today it was different. I purposely kept the curtains open and put a dim light. I knew he was having binoculars and would be able to watch us up close. There was always fear that someone else may also watch us. But I had to take the risk. I went to bed with my husband and put my hands on his neck and pulled him to me. He was surprised at my behaviour but put his hands on my back and pulled me to him. His face was away from the window and I was facing the window. I watched the light in the opposite window go off and it was dark in there. I knew that he was about to aim his binoculars at us! Thinking of this I kissed my husband full on the lips pushing my tongue deep in his mouth. Men are always in a hurry to fuck! Raja started to remove my blouse and then pushed my breasts out, kneading them and putting his face in the cleavage. He started to bite there lightly and I moaned! He was now unzipping his pants and pulling out his half erect lund (cock). I watched the window. I saw slow movements there and then the lenses of the binocular flashed. Oh GOD he was watching us! I pushed my tongue out and teased him like a baby. I wanted to make him know that I knew he was watching us and so I even winked at him! I could not see him clearly but guessed that he must have his lund (cock) out of his shorts and must be rubbing it.

I made my husband lie down on the bed and straddled him looking at Ramesh. It was as if I was inviting him to fuck me! Oh I am a slut to be! I pushed my wet and dripping pucchi (cunt) on Raja's lavada. Ohhh god! I was so wet that his lavada slipped in easily upto the hilt and I felt his cock head rubbing my cervix. " Ohh Raja! (fuck me Raja, fuck me hard! What a nice lund (cock) u have got fucckkk) Raja was surprised at my talking dirty and wondered what had got into me. But he was really excited at my talking dirty and I felt his lund (cock) twitch and then force its way deeper in my choot (pussy). I looked at the boy opposite watching us. Ohhhh! He was rubbing his lund (cock) with one hand and holding the binoculars with the other. This made me very excited. Catch them with both hands! See how your wife fucks you. Push your lund (cock) in my choot (pussy))

Raja pulled me to him and caught both my breasts and pumped them hard. Ohhh God! It felt so nice and the fact that the boy opposite was watching all this made it more exciting. I moaned loudly and jumped on Raja's lund (cock), taking it in and then moving it out. Phhhhaaachhhh Phhhhaaachhhh Phhhhaaachhhh sound echoed in the room with my wet choot (pussy) fucking Raja's lund (cock). Raja pinched my hardened nipples and then pulled my face and kissed me. I kissed him back and swirled my tongue inside his mouth. Our tongues played with each other and then he caught my lower lip and sucked hard. Ohhhhhhh! I almost came.

Raja was busy kneading my breasts and touching my nipples with the flat of his palm. My nipples were already hard and I wanted him to pinch them and suck on them. I urged him

" ohhhh Raja suck my nipples! Eat them! See how I am fucking u shaking my ass!

Raja could not bear the pleasure of hearing me talk dirty and he caught my nipples in his thumb and forefinger and pinched them. he then put his mouth and sucked on them biting them lightly and lovingly. Ahh I was in heaven! I sank deep onto his lund (cock) and moved my body to and fro, fucking him with our crotches rubbing together. My blood engrossed clitoris was rubbing on my husbands crotch and that made me mad with sensation. Raja was moving his ass so that his lund (cock) fucked my choot (pussy) vigorously. Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!

I sneaked a glance at Ramesh who was too busy watching us. I saw fast movement of his hand and knew that he was pumping his lund (cock) in abandon masturbating. I was so excited! I moved my body to and fro on my hubby's lund (cock) and rubbed my breasts on his chest. Ohh! Then I knew this was the moment to tell Raja something!

Moving my choot (pussy) on his lund (cock) I whispered in his ear, Raja. I want another lund (cock)! I want to feel two lund (cock)s deep within me! Ohhh! One in my choot (pussy) and another in my mouth! I would love to fuck while I suck! Will you arrange one for me?" "Ohhh! You slut of a wife! So you want two lund (cock)s hu! Ohhhhh! You excite me. Raja said with excitement building in his lund (cock). i could feel his lund (cock) swell and become more hard. His fucking speed increased two folds. Ahh I don't know how I said this. But it sure helped increase the pleasure. As we fucked he asked, "Are you serious about two lund (cock)s? Ohhhhh I am dreaming! How about that friend of mine who looks at you and penetrates your clothes? That Vasant! Greedy fellow! Would you love to take his cock?"

Ohhh god! He was asking me! Vasant was his close friend and came to our house often. His looking at me was different and Raja had correctly guessed.

I looked at the window and saw Ramesh. He had his lund (cock) out and was jacking off, beating his meat like there was no tomorrow! What a sight! The boy was absorbed in watching us fuck and rubbing his own lund (cock). Poor boy! I had to give him my choot (pussy)!

Raja was stunned! His faithful wife was asking for 3 cocks! She wanted to be fucked with all those cocks. Ohhhhhhh! I felt Raja's lund (cock)(cock) swell and then cum spurted out of that wonderful lund (cock) with great force. Ohhhh god he was cumming! My own choot (pussy) contracted on his spurting lund (cock) and clamped it. My choot (pussy) quenched its thirst with that hot cum from my hubby. I lay prone on his body wondering if he was serious. When we came to our senses Raja said,

" Nandita! You said that you wanted more lund (cock)s. I was so excited with the idea that I came! I don't know why this excites me? But it sure does. Will you really fuck another man? Oh! May be we can talk about it if you wish."

" Raja! I was just telling you my fantacy. I am obsessed with this and sometimes really wonder how it came to my mind. But I do fantacise about it. Also I fantacise you; fucking one of my friends. Say Sheela! Or Neeta. I would love to watch you fucking them. But can we be serious about it? I don't think so. You think over and we can talk."

" Nandita! I never knew you fantacise as I do. Yes we may be serious and can do it. But lets play it when we have sex. I want to see how great Slut you can become! I like to call you that. "

" Yes call me dirty names! Talk dirty! I love that."

We talked that much and then slept peacefully. All the night I waas dreaming of Ramesh, beating his meat. I wanted to go further than this! Raja will not mind this , I thought.

Next day I told my BIL about the boy looking at us. He was thrilled and asked me to give him lift, encourage him! He said that Ramesh goes for jogging early in the morning at 530 A.M. he advised me to go tooooo. My BIL so understanding! SO I was to seduce him, the boy next door

I prepared my mind for the seduction. This I had thought to play coolly and patiently, enjoying every moment of it and not just sex! You understand what I mean?

I had told Raja that I was going for jogging from next day to keep my body fit and slim. He smiled and said OK you can go. Next day I got up early in the morning. My heart was beating faster thinking of what would happen. Will he like me? Will I succeed in seducing him? These kinds of thoughts came to my mind. I changed into slacks and top. The slacks were really tight on my ass and made them look prominent. The top also was tight and made my breasts look bigger. I had not worn anything below the top, I was bra-less. The outline of my nipples could be easily seen over the thin material of the top. The panties I was wearing made 'V' mark over my slacks and that made me look sexier. I put on dark lipstick and light make up. This was just for the boy, Ramesh. I looked out towards his window and saw a light. He was ready to go out for jogging. BIL was right! He was also glancing at my window and saw me. I saw him wave at me. Ohhh he did have some daring! I too waved at him and went out. I reached the road and glanced back. Ramesh was following me! I was slowly jogging ahead of him and glancing back. Ramesh was wearing shorts and T-shirt.

For the first time I saw him clearly. He looked handsome for a boy and was quite muscular. It would be real fun to seduce him! After sometime when I reached a secluded spot I halted and sat on the bench. I was breathing fast and that made my chest rise and fall. My nipples were hard and could be clearly seen and two points over the top. Slowly I removed the top button so that I could show him the cleavage of my breasts. I waited for him and made up my mind. Soon he came near the bench and I looked at him. Our eyes met and I smiled at him, a knowing smile! He too smiled back at me. I patted the seat next to mine and he came and sat there. His proximity made me itchy and something more! I talked first. He was a bit upset, not knowing what I was going to talk. "I am Nandita and I stay opposite to your flat. I think I saw you many times when I came out in the balcony. Do you live alone here?" He was relieved and said, "Yes! I study in college and stay here as paying guest with the Kulkarni family. I am Ramesh and I study in college, commerce. I like to do paintings as a hobby and will be going for Architecture." "Thanks Ramesh. I think I see you often looking at me. And do you watch movies on your computer? I can see light there in the night." "Yes Nandita. I get bored sometimes and do watch them. I like to brose the internet too. But can you see from your window what I am watching?" "No Ramesh. I did not see the movie but I sure did see the movements you were making!" I said looking into his eyes.

Ramesh too smiled back and felt a bit embarrassed. I had seen him beating his meat and he got the hint of it. I was looking at him and expecting him to do the talking but he was quite and just looked at me. Then he glanced at my cleavage and moved his eyes immediately. I looked down at his shorts and could see some swelling near his crotch area. He was getting excited! I let him look at my breasts and then I asked him,

"Hey can I ask you something?"

He glanced away from my breasts and said "yes"

"DO you have any girl friends Ramesh? Sorry that is a personal question but I need to ask you for some reasons."

"No Nanditaji! I am a bit afraid to talk to girls and so I can't make friends with them. I don't know why but I am really afraid!"

"Ohhh Poor you. Can you be friends with me? I know I am far too older than you but still we can be good friends. I am also interested in Paintings and you can help me with that."

He looked happy. His eyes lit. He nodded his head in affirmative. I was glad. Then I got up and started to do some exercise. While I moved my body, my breasts were bouncing and I knew his eyes were fixed on them. Then I turned around and bent down, showing him my solid ass. The lovely ass I had! I did this for some time and then turned to him. He was looking at my breasts again!

"Hey Ramesh! What are you looking at? Have you not seen any woman before?" I teased him. He looked away and just smiled.

"Nanditaji! You are the first woman other than my mother, I am so near to. I am sorry I could not resist looking at you. But I have to say that you have a fine body. You look so attractive!"

"Thanks Ramesh!"

I said this and sat near him. I caught his hand lovingly and looked into his eyes. He looked so innocent! He was shaking and may be this was his first time to be so close to a female. I kissed him lightly on his cheeks and asked him to kiss back. He glanced around and then just placed his lips on my cheek. I could not wait any longer and I caught his face and placed my lips on his. Oh he was trembling! I held him and then forced my tongue into his mouth. Ohhhhh that was so wonderful. It seemed that this was his first kiss. I felt proud that I was the first woman to kiss him(May be!). We kissed for just a minute and then I was aware that we were on the private road and somebody may see us. I broke the kiss and straightened up. I told him,

"Ramesh! Today in the night I have special show for you. I know you watch me thought the binoculars and last night you saw me and my husband. Its ok! I like that when you are watching me. Today you can watch me in the night as my hubby will be out on official tour. So be ready!"

"Aunty! I am sorry for watching u but you are so attractive I can't help. Thanks for asking me! I will be ready."

With that I held him to my body. My breasts crushed against his strong muscular chest and I felt my nipples poke into his muscles. I kissed him again. I wanted to tease him for some days before I take his virginity! Then we parted. I told him to meet me next day.

I went home and was very much excited. My husband was still sleeping and BIL had got up and was in the kitchen preparing tea. SIL was still in her bed. I went to my BIL and hugged him from behind. I crushed my breasts against his back and moved my body to caress him everywhere. I was so excited! I told him about Ramesh and how I kissed him. He was happy and he made me bend over the kitchen platform and entered my choot (pussy) from behind, pushing aside my chaddi. Oh we had to do it fast! I thrust my gaand on his lund (cock) and asked him to hurry.
We both were fucking in abandon! My ass moved faster and faster and my BIL also fucked me violently. We were in a hurry and had to finish this. My breasts swayed as my body moved with the force of my BIL's lund (cock). I asked him to hold my breasts and fuck me. He did. He held my breasts and bit my ears as he fucked. Oohhh god! He was an expert fucker! My ear lobes burned with pleasure and I was in heaven! Just then we heard some door open and BIL thrust his lund (cock) deep in my choot (pussy) and sprayed his fuck juice deep within. We had to separate!

We separated and adjusted our clothes and my BIL entered the kitchen door! Ohhh god! We were about to be caught. SIL looked at me and asked me what all was to be prepared for breakfast. I said some thing I don't remember. BIL handed us the tea and we all sat and drank the tea.

That was best quickie I ever had! BIL's sperm flowed out of my choot (pussy) and made a pool in my Panti. Ohhh god! Here I was sitting with my SIL with my chaddi soaked in my BILs' sperm! What a slut I was!

In the afternoon I discussed my plan with my BIL before he went out.

"Nandita! Tease him well! Let him thrust after you. Don't hurry for taking his virginity. Enjoy the thrills of exposing your body to him. I know you can do it."

Ya that's what I had thought!

I prepared myself for the night after we had our dinner. I went to my room and locked the door from inside. I selected a nice sari and sleeveless blouse for this. I wore the sari well below my naval so that my belly and naval was clearly visible. I wore Black bra and red panties for him. I applied dark lipstick and stood near the window like a seductress. He was there alright doing something on the computer. I signalled him with putting off the light and then putting it on again. He saw in my direction and got up. He came near the window and waved at me, smiling. I was excited and waved back at him. Now the show was to begin!

I slowly removed my sari looking at him. For a second he was stunned but then he looked interested. He hurried and brought his binoculars and started looking at me through it. I wanted this! I wanted him to look at me closely. I held my paloo up and unmasked my breasts. My breasts were now exposed clad only in the blouse I was wearing. The swellings looked prominent. I slowly removed the paloo and unwound my sari upto my naval. Now my stomach and fleshy belly were exposed. My belly is slightly bulging and looks delicious. I moved my hand over the belly and traced my belly button. Shivers ran through my body as my fingers moved around the sexy depression. I looked at Ramesh and saw him rubbing his crotch. He was getting aroused looking at me. I moved my tongue seductively over my lips, teasing him. My face became flushed and eyes rolled. Ohhh god! What I was doing?

Now I removed my sari completely and stood before the window just in my blouse and petticoat. I then brought my hands on my breasts and rubbed them for him. the flat of my hand moved all over the fleshy orbs and I felt my nipples stiffen. Waves of lust ran through my body and instantly I lowered the deep neck of my blouse, letting my breasts bulge out. I then slowly started to remove the hooks in the front of my blouse and as I removed each one, more of my flesh peeped out. It must have been erotic sight for Ramesh, watching through the binoculars. He had put his hand inside his shorts and may be, was caress his penis. I wanted him to take that snake out of the basket!

I then removed my blouse completely and held it at him. He acted to be catching it and smelling it, the smell of my breasts! I thrust my chest at him, making my breasts bulge out. Then with one motion, I put my hands behind my back and unhooked my bra. I slowly removed it letting the breasts free slowly. Finally my breasts breathe fresh air, the air of sex! I looked down proudly at my fleshy assets and then at Ramesh.

Oh god! Ramesh had taken out his lund (cock) and was slowly massaging it. Godddd! I could see his hand move slowly rubbing the entire length. It fitted in his wrist and so I judged it to be more than 6 inches long. The real game had started! I held my breasts in both hands and caressed them. I lifted them in my palms and weighed them. Oh! So nice. I then lifted one breast and lowered my mouth to see if I could lick the nipple. My mouth just touched the tip of my nipple and I moved my tongue all over it. I lowered my mouth and thrust my tongue out. Oh god! I could easily lick my nipple. Shivers passed through my breasts and my body. My choot (pussy) started to get wet and I felt the wetness in between my thighs.

Holding the breast with one hand, I pushed my hand inside my petticoat and touched my choot (pussy). Ohhh god! It was wet! I traced the slit all along and then found my love hole. Ohhh god! It was so wet! I inserted one finger into my choot (pussy) and moved it in and out, imagining that it was Ramesh doing it. I glanced at him and saw him slowly pumping his meat. I was encouraged and continued to probe my choot (pussy). Then I thought of removing my petticoat and looking at him I pulled the nada and slowly lowered it. As I did this more of my naval exposed and then my choot (pussy) was visible. The light hair covering my choot (pussy) made it look prominent in the light. I turned around and showed him my buttocks, unveiling them as I moved my petticoat down. Finally I had to wiggle my ass to remove it completely. Now I stood in just my panty and showed my solid ass to Ramesh. Ramesh was licking his lips and holding his lund (cock). He too showed me his lund (cock) by holding it in his hand and thrusting it at me. I pretended to be licking his lund (cock) by putting my tongue out and making the licking motions.

I pulled the elastic of my panty and slowly pushed it down. Ohhh god! My choot (pussy) was getting naked! I then removed my chaddi and held it for him to smell. Ohhh I was acting so dirty! Then I smelled it myself and smiled at him. I spread my legs and showed him my choot (pussy), covered with small hairs. He was watching through the Binoculars and must be getting pretty close view of my choot (pussy). I spread my legs and exposed my choot (pussy) more. I saw his hand move on his lund (cock) faster now and then his body went stiff and his lund (cock) sprayed cum all over. I could not see it but with the experience I had I could tell that he had cum a lot! He looked at me and smiled, thanking me for the nice show. I whispered,

"Ohhh this is just the beginning my boy! The real fun is just to begin!"

I continued to expose my choot (pussy) to him. I spread my labia and showed him the pink hole within. Ohhh god! He was now holding the binoculars in both the hands and his lund (cock) had shrunk with the latest cum. But still he was looking. I then pushed my index finger in my choot (pussy) and moved it in and out, fucking the lund (cock) hungry choot (pussy) with it. My finger moved in and out very fast as I was very excited. I wanted something in my mouth! I took the nearby hair brush and started to lick the handle as if I am licking a lund (cock)! I was so excited! I then put the handle in my mouth and started to suck on it like a lund (cock). Ramesh was excited to watch me and his lund (cock) stood up again. He was so young and second erection was no problem for him. I saw his hand moving again over his hardening lund (cock) and my second finger was pushed in my choot (pussy). I fucked my choot (pussy) with the fingers while sucking on the hair brush handle. Ohhh god! I WANTED SOMETHING HARD INSIDE ME!

I removed my fingers from my choot (pussy) and inserted the hair brush handle all the way in my choot (pussy). Ohhh god! It felt so nice! I frantically started to fuck my choot (pussy) with the handle and looking at Ramesh I slowly and leisurely licked my fingers. He was very excited to watch all this and started to beat his meat fast. Ohhh god! Watching him jack off for me and the fucking with the brush handle made me cum. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh I moaned and my body stiffened. Lot of juice rushed into my choot (pussy) as I came. Ohhhhhh! I removed the hair brush from my choot (pussy) and pushed it in my mouth as I came. Ramesh too shot his load and waved at me. He also raised his thumb and smiled at me.

I relaxed and enjoyed the orgasm well. I then got up and dressed properly to go to the bathroom.

As I was going to the bathroom, I saw my BIL walk towards me and soon he was near. My heart was beating faster in anticipation of his lund (cock) fucking me. I did not say anything but just raised my sari and bent forward. He understood what that meant and without making any noise to wake up SIL he inserted his long and hard lund (cock) all the way into my sopping choot (pussy).

He fucked my choot (pussy) fast and deep with his hands holding my buttocks, Ohhh how I loved this! Fucking with Brother in law was always different for me. He knew how to pleasure my choot (pussy) and his lund (cock) always caressed every inch of my vagina. Ohhh god! I moved my buttocks to take his lund (cock) all the way inside my choot (pussy). BIL then caught my hanging breasts in both his hands and pumped them hard. Ohhh god! He knew what I liked!

This was really dangerous! SIL would walk in anytime. The thrill in this quickie made me cum again. My choot (pussy) clasped around BIL's lund (cock) and sucked him in. Ohhh he moaned slowly and pushed his cock deep within me and shot his sperm. Ohhh god his cum was so hot! I came and came! The orgasm made me weak and I rushed to the toilet to rest. BIL pushed his lungi down and walked to his bed room without looking at me again. That was the best teasing and fucking I had in years!

That night I had sex with my husband with my BIL's cum still in my choot (pussy)! Wow that made me very hot and I said many things to my hubby! I talked about another lund (cock) and about other man fucking me while hubby watched. He got very turned on with this and fucked me very hard. I knew he loved my talking dirty and I too came many times with his lund (cock) in my choot (pussy). Finally he mixed his sperm with his Brothers and did not know it! Ohhh god was I a real slut? Ya I was going to the path of my own debauchery and loved it.

I was to meet Ramesh on my jogging next morning! That day I got up quite early and prepared my self for the occasion. I wore Punjabi dress for a change. I selected bright blue colour, the dress was tight and showed all my assets prominently. It had low neckline and that made my boob valley visible just below the dupatta . the dupatta was taken for name sake and I did not wear any bra inside. So as I walked my breasts almost jumped inside the kamiz. I had put on dark lipstick to make my lips look succulent for a kiss. Was I going to kiss him? I was sure I would! I walked around and felt my breasts sway and jiggle with the motion. Ohhh! Ramesh would die seeing me like this. I had planned his seduction well and there was no backing out. MY BIL had approved of it and was looking forward to se me getting fucked by Ramesh. I was HOT! I went out at about 530 am. It was a bit dark outside and I did not see anybody still on the roads. As I started my run, I saw Ramesh coming out of the building with his shorts and t-shirt. He waved at me and I waved back. I was happy! I slowed my pace so that he could join me. We started our jogging and I sneaked a glance at him. Ramesh was secretly watching my breasts and getting excited. knowing that he has watched me naked and playing with myself with the binoculars made me more excited. I did not say anything but just removed my dupatta out of the way so that he could watch me without any hindrance. This made my breasts swell out and the cleavage looked deeper and clear. While walking fast, they swayed and jiggled. I was getting wet with every glance Ramesh threw on my breasts and decided to do something about it. I told Ramesh that I had to catch my breath and so I took him to the far corner of the path and we sat down on the cement bench. We sat for few minutes and then I shifted myself towards him. Now I was very near to him and could see the bulge of his lund (cock) in his shorts. I smiled mischievously. I pushed my thighs against his and felt the heat from his body. He looked at me and smiled nervously. I think he had not touched a woman before and that made him nervous. He was unable to speak when I asked him about his friends. "Ramesh do you have any girl friends?" "No Nanditaji! I am very afraid to talk with girls in my college. My other friends have but I don't!" "Ohhh this is very bad for your age Ramesh! You must talk with girls, you are Big boy now. I will help you to break this. You talk to me and you will get used to it." Saying this I placed my hand on the exposed portion of his thigh. He almost jumped! I rubbed his thigh and my hand traveled up, towards his lund (cock). I lightly touched his lund (cock) with the flat of my palm and he jumped again. I looked at him and licked my lips seductively. Oh god! He almost fainted. I looked around and confirmed that there was nobody watching us. I put my hand on his lund (cock) and felt his thickness. Ohhh it was thick one and when I placed my palm along its length I found that it was almost 8-9 inches long. Not that I had not tasted such a big lund (cock) but this made me want it even badly. I moved my palm along his lund (cock) and whispered to him, "Ohhh Ramesh! You have nice one! Its really big! Don't be nervous I will teach you everything. Now let's go to your room and spend some time knowing each other. Ok?" He just nodded. I could not resist pushing my hand in his shorts and catching the monster. I was breathing faster now and I could feel his lund (cock) throbbing. I caught hold of it and wrapped my fist around it. Oh god here I was holding his lund (cock) inside his shorts in the open and anybody could walk in and catch us. I did not bother. I had to have this lund (cock)! I caressed his lund (cock) inside his pant and then started to move the foreskin up and down. Ramesh moaned and I felt him move his hips in rhythem to my rubbing. I never missed a stroke and soon his lund (cock) throbbed in my hand. I knew he was cumming!

I hurriedly and hungrily pulled it out and bending down I put my mouth to his fountain of pleasure. And I was rewarded with thick hot cum spraying into my mouth. I took all of it and then swirled my tongue all over inside my mouth to taste every drop of this young semen. It did taste different! Different than my Baba's sperm! It was thicker and had strong acrid smell and tasted more sour. May be the age matters. I loved it!

I licked my lips and then looked at my young lover. He was now relaxed and was moving his fingers through my hair lovingly. He was like a small boy who had some new experience and needed some affection from me.

"Ohh Ramesh! This is so nice! Your lund (cock) tastes so nice. Come on kiss me and taaste that from my mouth. Ohhh how I want that inside me."

I put my lips on his and opened my mouth to allow his tongue to explore my mouth. Ohh he was not tender and moved inside my mouth very fast, uncontrollably!. It touched my teeth and roof of the mouth with the fast movements and almost scraped away some tissue. This was new to him and I was the first woman he was kissing. We had to cut short this game as I heard someone coming. It was dangerous to get caught and so I pulled myself away from him unwillingly. Yes! there was a couple coming our way and we pretended as if we were resting. I let them pass and then signaled Ramesh to get up. I was that his shorts had wet spots of cum some places. I smiled to myself and said,

"Ramesh I will come to your room in the afternoon. Please keep the 'paintings' ready. Ok?"

He nodded, still feeling nervous. And we parted. My choot (pussy) was wet and dripping and I had to relieve myself as soon as I reach home! As soon as I reached home I saw my Brother in law reading the news paper in the living room. He smiled knowingly at me and signalled me to come to him. I went to him with my heart throbbing like a teenage girl. He removed the paper from his lap and I had a shock! His lund (cock) was out of his lungi and was saluting me. I obediently went near him and sat at his feet. I moved my mouth to his cock and took it inside my mouth. He was so big!

"Nandita! Did you enjoy the jogging with Ramesh?"

I nodded and looked at him. I sucked him feverishly with my mouth acting like a suction machine. He whispered that SIL was in the bedrrom, sleeping and my husband was also sleeping and that he had bolted their door from outside. I was relieved! Now I could make love to my man without any tension. I moved my tongue over his cock as I sucked on the rod and BIL moaned, I felt his cock throbb and I had to stop sucking him! I got up and openeed my salwat nada standing in front of my loving man. He was surprised!

Saying so I lowered my salwar and facing opposite to him, I sat on his hard lund (cock)! I was facing opposite to him and I brought my choot (pussy) on his lund (cock) and sat on his lap, just like a little my choot (pussy) was wet his lund (cock) easily entered my choot (pussy) upto my cervix. My legs were touching the floor and I jumped on my BIL's lund (cock) resting my feet on the floor. I had never fucked in this position. Brother In law caught hold of my breasts, over my kamiz, from behind and kneaded them hard. He was not satisfied! He pushed his hands all the way inside my kamiz and kneaded the naked fleshy globes. I was jumping on his lund (cock) like I was mad and every time he touched my cervix and his lund (cock) rubbed the entire vaginal walls. He was giving me vaginal stimulation with his lund (cock) and this is great! When a solid hard lund (cock)s penetrates the depths of vagina, a woman always experiences strong orgasm. I was mad and murmered,

I was hot and he was hot ooo! I increased the speeed and rode his lund (cock) faster. He too started to fuck me from below and soon I felt his hot cum spraying into me deep. I blasted too and my chooot juiced. I came and came and felt my legs going weak. I bent back and rested my back on BIL's chest in relaxation. He was still holding my boobs and he pressed them hard and asked me to get up. I got up and felt our combined juices running down my thighs. I wiped it and licked my fingers, teasing him. It was best quickie I had recently.

I went to my room and slept next to my husband, with his Brothers cum inside my choot (pussy)! Raja felt me climb in the bed and woke up. He had to finish his bath and then go to office. But I could not get up! I told him that I had just returned from the jogging and that I was tired. I slept again thinking of the virgin lund (cock) of Ramesh! I wanted him in my choot (pussy)! I wanted to teach him all about it.

When all went to their work I went to my BIL and told him that I was going to Ramesh. He was happy and wished me good luck. He made me suck his lund (cock) and I sucked happily. I was becoming hot slut! I was ready to do anything for my pleasure. Ohh god!

I wore simple sari and went to Ramesh's flat. This was the first time I entered the building. There were people who knew me but I did not bother. I rang the bell and Mrs Kulkarni opened the door.

"I want to meet Ramesh. I have come to him to see his paintings."

"Oh! I know you. You stay opposite to us . I have seen you. Come on he is in that room."

She pointed out to one room and I went inside. My heart was beating faster and faster just like a teenage girl going on her first date. I knocked his door and he opened it. He was surprised to see me and welcomed me. I looked around. There was one single bed there, a table and 2 chairs. His room was a typical bachelors room with all his clothes lying here and there. But still it was clean I did some fast work and set his clothes to proper places. He was looking at me as I did this. Then I sat on the bed and asked Ramesh to show me his paintings. Ramesh went to the cupboard and pulled out few rools. He said he had to spread this on the bed. I got up and he placed one painting on the bed. It was a nice scenary from Mahabaleshwar and he was describing to me. I moved closer to him and my breasts touched his arm. He did not move away but pushed a little near me. This made his arm dig into my breasts and I started getting mad!

I then put my hand on his shoulder and rubbed my breasts on his sides. Wow he was hot and trembling. I then wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him to me. He came in my arms and I then pushed my mouth to his and kissed him. He was trembling still. I pulled my mouth away and told him to sit on the bed while I undress for him. I also told him to remove his clothes while I removed mine. His eyes bulged out in surprise. I wanted to go about this fucking very slow.
I stood in front of him and pulled my sari off my body, turning around in the process. I had deep cut blouse and No bra inside so he could see the cleavage and the entire out line of my breasts clearly. I knew he could see my dark nipples and even the aureoles. His eyes were fixed on my chest and I threw the sari on the bed. He removed his T shirt. I looked at his chest. He had broad chest with lot of hair. His small nipples attracted me most. I wanted to show him that even male nipples can be fondled.

I now started to remove my blouse buttons which were in the front. I removed the two buttons and more than half of my bust spilled out. His eyes were fixed on my cleavage. I looked down at my assets and smiled. The cleavage was real great site. I move down and removed the rest of the buttons. Now my breasts were free. They sprang out and greeted his sight. He was watching and getting worked out. His breathing became faster and he looked impatient to touch them. I removed the blouse and threw I to him. He sniffed it, particularly near my arm pit. Oh he was smelling my arm pit through the blouse. His eyes lit up and he said,

" Nanditaji! Your arm pits must be smelling very good. I can smell them here on your blouse. You have nice breasts! I have never seen breasts before and this is my first time to watch them in front of me."

"Don't worry Ramesh you can smell the real thing and touch the breasts. Let me finish with my peticoat and let me show you some of my assets more closely."

I caught the nada of my petticoat and pulle doff the knot. Then I lowered the petticoat and showed him my naval and belly button. My belly is slightly bulging and looks really fleshy. I moved my hand over my belly and naval and inserted a finger into my belly button. Oooohh god! I was really excited! I moved my finger around my belly button caressing it and arousing the lust within me. I then lowered my peticoat which got stuck to my wide hips, I wiggled my hips and let it stay right in the middle. He could see my upper portion of the hips and the curvy ass cheeks. I was with my back to him, giving his the best view of my ass. When I looked back at him, he hurriedly removed his shorts and sat just in his underwear. I could see massive bulge down in the middle and knew he was hard.

I slowly removed my peticaot and threw it to him. Ramesh again smelled my choot (pussy) and ass on the garment and smiled. I think Ramesh was getting more arousal with my smell and I liked that, this was something different. I turned to him and spread my legs. I was a real slut now! A seductress! I pointed to my choot (pussy) and said, " Ramesh this is my choot (pussy). See it is covered with small curly hair and increase the beauty of it. See it, this is the fountain of pleasure and the right button makes it flow like a waterfall."

He was amazed to see my choot (pussy) with all the beauty in it. I spread my cheeks and showed him the real thing. I caught the outer flaps and told him what it was then the inner ones! Labia! I then pushed my finger inside the pink hole and told him that this was the hole that gives men real pleasure. I traced my finger to the top of the slit and found out my clitoris. I lightly caught it and showed it to Ramesh.

"I want to show you this! This is the clitoris. Its like a tiny cock. It sweels when women get excited and comes out of its hood, just like your cock peeks out of the foreskin. Remember to fondle it lightly and not hard. This is very sensitive."

He understood what I meant. I then turned around and spread my ass cheeks and showed him the position of choot (pussy) hole and asshole. I spread my as cheeks and he watched how I fondled my asshole. I told him that he could put his lund (cock) there also. He was excited and nodded at me. I was totally naked and stood before Ramesh showing him the secret parts of woman. So exciting!

I had shown him everything he should know and sat on the bed next to him. He was trembling and uneasy. I held his hand and said that he had nothing to worry about and that I would teach him how to fuck and make him expert. He looked happy now. I put my hand inside his underwear and caught hold of his lund (cock). It was hard and throbbingand wanted release. I yanked his underpant and fished out his lund (cock). This was the first time I was looking at it so closely and at leisure. It was about 8 inches long, a bit dark and uncircumcised. His cock head was poking out of the foreskin and looked redish. It was not much thick I suppose but the length did matter. May be he was developing. Prominent veins were running all ove rhis lund (cock) and as I pressed it, the pisshole oozed out some precum. I took it on my finger and showed him.

"See your lund (cock) is ready to fuck. See this sticky liquid! It is called 'precum' and is sign of excitement. The more you are excited the more it comes out."

I massaged his cock and squeezed it. A big drop of precum ozzed out. This was a virgin lund (cock)! I told him that we were ready to start the game!

First kissing and foreplay, I took his hand in mine lovingly and caught it finger to finger. This is one way of showing love. I felt really excited and I pulled him to me. His chest rested against my breasts and crushed the tender flesh. I put my hands on his back and pulled him closer. Our bodies touched and I placed his hands on my neck asking him to kiss me. He put his mouth on mine and placed his lips on my lips, locking me. This was natural instinct I suppose and once you start it, it goes spontaneously. Who teaches animals to fuck?

I opened my mouth and his tongue entered in. He moved his tongue all the way inside my mouth and caress the entire oral cavity. His actions were fast and speedy. I too moved my tongue and tried at catch his tongue, we played tongue game and then I inserted my tongue inside his mouth and caressed it with my choot (pussy) was getting wetter and wetter with this and my nipples too started to get hard. I had to fuck him! I put his hand on my breasts and asked him to knead them.

Ramesh caught my breasts in his hands, one in each and pressed them like a horn. His fingers dug into my soft tit flesh and my blood started to move faster through my body. I relaxed and my head moved in frenzy. I moaned loudly and put my hands over his. We together kneaded my breasts and then I caught my nipples in my thumb and forefinger.

"Ramesh! Please catch my nipples like this and rub them hard. Yes! Like this. It feels so nice.

Ramesh rubbed my nipples and made them hard. Then he put his mouth to one nipple and started to suck on it. He was sucking like a child. He had his lips around the nipple and sucked on it. Waves of pleasure passed through my body and I held his head in my hands an dragged him to suck and bite my nipples. He shifted to other nipple and sucked it. Now both of my nipples stood hard and ramesh played with them. I then asked him to lie on the bed. I took both my breasts in my hand and wrapped his lund (cock) with them. Ohh god the hard lund (cock) rubbing my soft boobs felt so nice. I rolled my breasts around his lund (cock) and massed the hard cock. Ramesh loved this and started to push his hips in fucking motion.

I then moved my breasts all over his body and gave him boob massage. His hands were now moving over my buttocks and massaged my ass cheeks. He then traced my choot (pussy) slit and moved his finger all along the length. Ohh he tickled me! I had told him about the choot (pussy) and he was exploring it like a new found toy. His finger pushed into my choot (pussy) and he explored the inside hole with it, I wanted him inside me now! I was hot! Oohhh god! Fucking nice!

I lay on the bed with my legs spread wide. I invited Ramesh to fuck me.

Ramesh came over my body and placed his lund (cock) on my choot (pussy). He could not get to my hole and his lund (cock) slipped along my slit. I asked him to steady himself and push hard so that he would enter my choot (pussy). But he was in great hurry and his lund (cock) could not find my choot (pussy). It slipped along my wet choot (pussy) and now touched my puckered gaand hole. Aaahhhh! his lund (cock) pressed on my ass and I knew it would be too much for him. So I pushed my hand down and caught his lund (cock) and placed it on my choot (pussy) hole. He gave a massive push and oh! His lund (cock) rammed itself into my choot (pussy) like a knife. It went in all the way and touched my cervix. Ah my choot (pussy) felt so full with his lund (cock)!I asked him to fuck me.

Ramesh was now fucking me fast. He could not control his speed and fucked me hard. In and out! I placed his hands on my breasts and urged him to knead them as he fucked. He held my boobs and pressed them hard. Ohhh god it was raw action and felt nice. I lifted my legs up and took him deeper in my choot (pussy). We fucked like mad! I casually glanced at my window and found my BIL watching throgh a binoculars. Ohh god I was excited! The watching by BIL made me hotter. I moved my hips fast and reciprocate his thrusts. Ohhh god! Puuccchhhh! Fffuuccch! Fuck! Fucking sounds echoed in the room. I waved at my BIL. He did thumbs up action. I knew Ramesh wont last long and soon his lund (cock) throbbed and I knew he would cum.

I moved my hips faster and faster and milked his lund (cock). My choot (pussy) muscles spasmed and I orgasmed! My choot (pussy) convulsed on his lund (cock) and he came. His lund (cock) ejaculated thick hot sperm in my choot (pussy). I felt his cum spray on my vaginal walls and put my legs over his ass and held him tightly inside me. He now lay prone on my body and was breathing heavily. I felt my body go weak and my legs dropped down. I had intense orgasm!

After this I told him, "Hey Ramesh look! My Brother in law is watching us. He glanced at my window and found him standing in the window with the binoculars. Ramesh went pale and was afraid.

"Nandita! Your BIL has seen us fucking! I am nervous! What will happen now? He will not like this."

"Don't worry Ramesh! I will handle this, you come to our house tomorrow in the afternoon and I will tell you further. Ok?"

We separated and I kissed his lund (cock) and sucked it clean. His sperm was running down my thighs and I wiped it with my hand and licked it, looking at my BIL through the window. He was waving at me and smiling. I told Ramesh to meet me in my house in the afternoon and told him that I had a surprise for him. We sat there for some time and I told him that my BIL has seen us and so he had to meet him tomorrow afternoon Or else we can be in trouble. He was a bit nervous but I told him not to worry. I dressed and left for my house, satisfied with fucking by his virgin lund (cock).
The End